MSI Proudly the World’s 1st to Exclusively Launch TriDef® VR Games, Nahimic VR and Nahimic 2+

Offering spectacular visuals and audio that quicken the pulse

[Taipei, Taiwan] For hardcore gamers, MSI GAMING Series is the real deal, made all the more powerful recently by the launch of cutting-edge audiovisual software. “At MSI, we’ve been working hard to arm MSI GAMING Series with the most advanced audiovisual technology. The launch of TriDef® VR Games, Nahimic VR and Nahimic 2+ will bring users the most immersive sensory experience and give gamers the extra edge to win,” says Sam Chern, MSI Global Marketing Director. The world leader in gaming hardware, MSI has polished its brand as the best VR platform provider since 2015. Working closely with imaging innovator DDD Group and 3D audio expert A-Volute, MSI now unveils new VR experiences to users, visually with TriDef® VR Games and acoustically with Nahimic VR. The perfect alliances among MSI GAMING Series, TriDef® VR Games, Nahimic VR and Nahimic 2+ shape the next generation of ultimate gaming and multimedia experiences. For details on TriDef® VR Games, Nahimic VR and Nahimic 2+ ready laptops, VR backpack PCs, desktops, AIOs, motherboards and graphics cards, please visit

TriDef® VR Games, the 3D Game Changer

TriDef® VR Games is an innovative software that allows players to play their favorite PC games in immersive stereoscopic 3D on the latest VR headsets powered by MSI’s VR-ready GAMING hardware. Based on the highly successful TriDef 3D Experience game conversion solution, TriDef® VR Games features an innovative head tracked user interface that delivers in-game control over the screen size, distance from the screen, 3D depth effects and even allows the screen to be curved to envelop the player in a heightened sense of realism. Get your MSI GAMING rig and VR device ready and TriDef® VR Games will navigate you through a 3D gaming wonderland!



With Nahimic VR, VR Experience Has Never Been So Lifelike!

Nahimic VR is the world’s first audio solution to bring 7.1 surround sound to a regular stereo headset. It significantly boosts users’ audio experience with the most precise and immersive 3D audio technology. Just one click on the Nahimic VR button through MSI’s Dragon Center, gamers will be instantly immersed in overwhelming 7.1 virtualization and an ultra realistic 360-degree sound stage that allow them to hear crouched enemies incoming through gunfire and pinpoint enemy locations with stunning precision.



VR Games

VR Games

Nahimic 2+, Geared towards Gamers’ Needs

With even more innovative sound effects and expert settings, Nahimic 2+ provides users with full audio customization to guarantee higher level of sound quality and suitable sound settings for each scenario. Gamers can design game-specific audio profiles and share them with their friends. Plus, new Virtual Surround and Sound Tracker options as well as the eagerly awaited compatibility for S/PDIF & optical devices are now available to better suit users’ needs.

Paul Bachelet, Call of Duty manager at Le Normandy Gaming Club (NGC), comments on Nahimic audio, “You really get the impression that you’re in the character’s shoes. It’s truly stiking. You can actually hear where the sound is coming from and you are really immersed. It feels like you’re in a movie theatre watching a film with an extraordinary sound. It’s really impressive in terms of the sound. I’ve never heard such quality before, at least in my gaming experience.”

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